How long does it take?

It really depends on the size and complexity of the space. An average 1 bedroom condominium could take as little as 20 mins on site. This is if everything is ready to shoot. Sometimes we give little tips and pointers and help move things around to make things perfect. The rest of the magic happens with complex software, algorithms and cloud computing. Generally the tour can be delivered the next day. Generally, same day or up to 48h. If you are in a rush just mentione it to your service representative.

Can you capture at night?

If you plan on capturing indoor space, yes. Generally you want space to be well lit so that the special camera can do its job. The more light the better the camera can pick up details. The average house usually has adequate interior lighting to be able to capture the space even at night. In any case we still have some control and power to edit the rendering prior to building the virtual tour.

Is it only for indoors?

Absolutely not! we capture interior and exterior spaces. The two go hand in hand. We can start the tour outside to capture the exterior beauty of the property and its landscaping before going in. We can shoot astonishing resolution in 360 video as well. 5.7K resolution.

Do we get a hard copy?

At this moment we don’t offer offline versions of our tours. We can send you the ustiched pictures but we are looking into being able to self host and eventually download the tours.